Revving Up

It’s about that time here at Three Little Figs! The time of year where the sun starts to shine on the ripening fruit and the sweet and savory smells of jam waft through our Northeast Portland neighborhood. We are revving up to start cooking again after a short hiatus in which we were working on kitchen upgrades, recipe development, and of course - new dance moves.

Over the past few months we have been visiting with our farmers and planning ahead for this year’s jam line. As a company that sources nearly all of its ingredients from local and organic family farms we tend to be dependent on the unpredictable seasons, temperatures, and rainfall of our Pacific Northwest home. Although it is sometimes uncertain when the season will come to full swing we are excited to say that the time is finally here!

So if you find yourself stumbling through Northeast Portland this summer, following your nose to a heavenly aroma of the sweet and savory; you may be just around the corner from where we turn ripe fruit into small batch goodness.

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It's National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month!!

Still time for Christmas delivery!!

Still time for Christmas delivery!!

Get Ready To Feast!