About Us

Our Company

At Three Little Figs, our goal is to revive the age old art of preserving by giving our products new and exciting flavor profiles while honoring traditional cooking methods. We love the connection we have with where our food comes from and believe that amazing food is an affordable luxury. Three Little Figs is dedicated to the creative use of quality ingredients with a focus on flavor and sustainability. Locally sourced and globally inspired we begin with the hand cutting of organic produce and patiently cook each batch in copper pots which yield no more than 18 jars per kettle. Our preserves are artisanal in the truest sense of the word. We also pay special consideration to where our ingredients come from. We love our farmers. They are as obsessive as we are about doing things the “right” way. Sourcing our ingredients so close to our kitchen allows for fruit to fully ripen on the vine or tree as it should. We also search high and low for the best spices, vinegars, and of course BOOZE. We cook with love, and it shows.

Fig Factory Lineup

Liz is owner and head chef at Three Little Figs. A woman of the world and diviner of delicious flavor combinations, she brings culinary alchemy to the kitchen. Liz worked as a globe trotting fashion stylist for fifteen years but then decided to return to her home town of Portland, OR and her first love - food. Liz founded Three Little Figs after noticing a gap in the market for domestically produced accompaniments for cheese boards and charcuterie plates. Here she gets to experiment and tinker with the flavors she grew accustomed to during her jet setting days and bring them together in a wonderful new way. When Liz takes a taste of her favorite flavor, Tomato Tapas Jam, she is transported back to her days in Spain - sitting on the veranda of a bustling cafe, enjoying good wine and tapas.

Kyle is our southern transplant from Alabama, bringing with him a deep love and influence of rich and adventurous low country food, and the practice of pickling and canning. Kyle is an avid food hobbyist and experimentalist, whether it be professional or domestic; with a knack for design and data keeping, he is in his own when recipe testing or drafting labels and blog entries. Due to his love of coffee and dark beer, and the complexity both offer, Kyle's favorite flavor is our Puddletown Pub Chutney.

Jack is our Northwest Native who came back to his home state to work at Three Little Figs via Brooklyn, NY. When he's not busy making jam, you're sure to find Jack baking, brewing, or gardening his way into all sorts of trouble at home. Jack is an avid mushroom hunter and loves to incorporate these found fungi into his culinary routine. Jack's favorite flavor is the French Onion Confit.

Grant is our small business jack of all trades. Whether he's obsessively monitoring the canning process in the kitchen or building a new contraption, he finds great joy in the assortment of jobs at 3LF. Grant came to Three Little Figs early on and loves looking back at all the growth the company has gone through. Citrus and Smoked Salt holds a special place in his heart; during citrus season we can always find Grant in the kitchen stealing spoonfuls of leftover jam that didn't make it into a jar.