Citrus Smoked Salt Three Pack

$ 30.00 $ 37.50

To celebrate the start of citrus season, we are now offering our Citrus and smoked Salt marmalade in sets of three!  Buy our Citrus and Smoked Salt marmalade in moderate bulk to save money on your citrus smearing habit!

Sweet, spicy, salty and smokey, our Citrus Smoked Salt has it all. Inspired by my favorite drink at Bario Chino, we combine cara cara oranges, grapefruit, arbol chiles and local alderwood smoked salt to bring you a marmalade like no other.

Cara Cara Oranges, Organic Cane Sugar, Grapefruit, Fresh Lemon Juice, Dried Arbol Chiles, Red Alderwood Smoked Salt, Natural Fruit Pectin